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Farmer's Market

The Farmers’ Market is modeled in the style and colors of open markets in North Holland with dark green and sparkling white finishes, a red roof, a copper steeple and decorative shutters. In the Netherlands, each village has a set weekday for “Market Day.” In Orange City, an active Farmers’ Market operates through the summer and early fall. The market features homegrown vegetables, fruits, flowers and homemade baked goods. The cupola on the roof is a replica of one found in the village of Volendam. The rooster weathervane is a familiar European embellishment and a symbol of the cock crowing before the crucifixion of Christ—a reminder to be awake and vigilant. This rooster had the nickname “Booster Rooter” because Orange City’s Dutch Heritage Boosters helped finance the reconstruction of the market.

Dutch Pump in Windmill Park

In the days before running water in homes, the people of The Netherlands had many town pumps which were located in public squares, fish markets, and courtyards. Water was held for use in “cisterns.” The location of the pump served as a popular meeting place for people. The Orange City pump is modeled after one in Middleburg, in the Province of Zeeland. Located in Windmill Park, it was a gift from the Dutch Heritage Boosters and commemorates the 125th anniversary of Orange City in 1995.

Oversized Hindeloopen Shoes

Giant wooden shoes painted in the Dutch Hindeloopen folk style by Darlene Wallinga, former Orange City resident, provide a photo opportunity outside The Little White Store.

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