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The Dutch Heritage Boosters could not operate without the help of our amazing volunteers. We need YOU to help preserve this organization and our Dutch heritage. Find out how to get involved and connected below, and let’s make a difference in our community. 

Woman mixes poffertjes batter, Little White Store, Orange City, Iowa


(High school age & up)

Mixing combine ingredients in a mixer to create poffertjes batter

Grilling (must be 16 years of age or older) grill the poffertjes

Butter spread the rum flavored butter on each tray of poffertjes

Powdered Sugar sprinkle powdered sugar on each tray of poffertjes before it gets handed to the customer

Cash Register take orders from each customer, manage the vintage cash register in the store, ensure that each customer pays for their order, communicate with powdered sugar worker how many trays each order has, sell water

Supervising make sure each step of the poffertjes making process is going smoothly (mixing, grilling, butter, cash register, powdered sugar) - will receive training

Cleaning clean the inside of the store, sweep, wipe down appliances, etc.

Yardwork for Courtyard clean up the courtyard behind the store, sweep, weed, wipe down tables and chairs, etc.

Outside view of Century Home with tourists outside, Orange City, Iowa


(High school age & up)

Yardwork clean up the yard outside the house, weed, rake, etc.

Cleaning clean the interior of the house, dust things off and wipe things down

Tours be a tour guide in one or two rooms in the house, explain the significance of items in the house and the people that lived there, script provided and training available

Greeter/Cashier greet people as they walk in and collect their tickets or admission

Man rides bike pulling produce cart during Dutch Heritage Walk in Orange City Tulip Festival parade


(All ages)

Flag Carrying (Dutch costume required) carry a flag of one of the Dutch provinces during the Parade of Flags in the afternoon Tulip Festival Parade

Character in Heritage Walk (Dutch costume required) play a Dutch person/character in the Heritage Walk during the afternoon Tulip Festival Parade

Push a Cart (Dutch costume required) part of the Heritage Walk during the afternoon Tulip Festival Parade. We have carts with poffertjes, cheese, sewing materials and other Dutch items on them representing a street market that need to be pushed through the parade.

Why should I volunteer?

Don't take our word for it. Hear what our volunteers have to say about being part of Dutch Heritage activities. 

Volunteer with Us
Which days are you available during the year?
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Based on the volunteer descriptions listed above, please select the role(s) you would like to fill.

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Thanks for applying to volunteer with us! We'll get back to you soon.

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